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Founder and CEO – Nellie Reyes
Secretary- Jocelyn Correa Wing
Treasurer- Jocelyn Correa Wing


  • Lisa E. Kirkwood
  • Charles H. Nguyen
  • Angeline Benjamin
  • Alondra Melendrez De La Torre
  • Lenida Balce-Sutton

Special Committees:

  • Frederick Napule
  • Theresa Guck
  • Briza Madueno
  • AnGele Cade
  • Raziel Fuentebella-Arcega
  • Aggie Kobrin
  • Noel Omega
  • Stephanie Ellison-Keys (Chaplain)

Get a free autographed book >> sign up as a member: THE COURAGEOUS LEGACY BUILDER authored by our Founding Chair/CEO NELLIE REYES

Join the only diverse cultural community of highly skilled technology, funding, housing, and technical assistance EXPERTS in North America who support global family needs & can help you build your legacies!

Initial Capacity-Building Projects:

  1. Technology assistance for small businesses
  2. Technical Assistance to Housing Intermediaries and counseling programs for family and home-related issues
  3. Financial information/Access to funding
  4. Small business formation & Branding
  5. Non-Profit Start-ups
  6. Systems Creation & Book Writing
  7. Homecare Professional’s Capacity- Building
  8. ASIANA app development (digitalization hub w/ access to investors)

FOCUS Target Groups:

I. Housing Intermediaries, homeowners & buyers

II. Global families with survival & coping up issues

III. Underserved communities such as:

A. creatives
B. artists
C. Media talents
D. Healthcare Providers & Frontliners

who are diverse cultural groups, mostly WOMEN and YOUTH.



I. An Institute to provide capacity-building assistance, such as technology, funding, housing and resources to empower underserved families of diverse cultural communities, primarily women and youth, by helping them bridge the gap between the American best practices vs. diverse ways of making a livelihood, brought about by their differences in culture and tradition, including language barriers so that they will develop more efficient systems in the delivery of their services and coping up of families.

It aims to synergistically connect diverse cultural communities centered on families, mostly women and youth, to standard service delivery systems in North America, which can help guide them in adapting sustainable courageous legacy-building plans, family & business-wise, such as : organizational, marketing, and financial systems. Moreover, such systems will enable them to form strong coping up & collaborations that will lead them to thrive with their legacies.

II. ASIAINA also aims to operate as a COLLABORATIVE media network when given an opportunity to own, co-manage, or collaborate through a joint venture. Thus, assist these diverse groups in creating their authentic, customized programming, which will be in harmony with their cultures to educate further and empower them as they continuously grow in census in North America.

III. Lastly, it also aims to provide support diverse cultural groups of practitioners and home healthcare organizations involved in saving more lives and preventing pandemics, and providing solutions to health issues even in remote communities, including, but not limited to, operating community clinics, and assisting healthcare professionals and agencies in implementing sustainable quality healthcare services.


Come volunteer with us

If you would like to volunteer for an organization making a real impact on Asian Women and other diverse cultural groups, please join us.

We are looking for experts in a different field. If you think you have something to offer, whether skills or talent and time, please join us.

Let’s help the future generation of entrepreneurs forge their path with a roadmap.

For any inquiries please email



Mailing Address:

432 W. Stocker St. Unit 4 Glendale CA 91202 USA 

Email: info@asiaina.org 

SMS/Text: (217) 201-2385 Fax: (818) 334-4105 

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